ILV-20 Infant Life Vest

For General Aviation and Commercial Airlines
The ILV-20 is a dual chamber, 23-pound buoyancy Infant Life Vest, (FAA/TSO-CI3d defines "infant" as a wearer with a weight less than 35 pounds).* The underarm configuration allows this vest to be used by wearers whose shorter necks prevent use of the standard "yoke-type" vest.

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The ILV-20 donning instructions are easy to read and interpret which helps to shorten donning times. In an emergency situation, the vest’s 4-way reversibility is a life saver.Compared to the traditional infant cot, the ILV-20 is more compact, lighter weight, easier to don and fits a larger child size range. The ILV-20 enables better aircraft egress in an emergency situation which is safer for all passengers.

Underarm twin cell configuration
2 oral inflation tubes
Mildew resistant webbing
Water activated TSO C-85 locator light
Corrosion resistant hardware
Silk-screened donning instructions

Approval: FAA/TSO C13d and UK CAA/ARO 1093
Buoyancy: 23 lbs. / 10 kgs. 432 gms.
Inflation System: Two 9.5 gm. CO2 cylinders
Cover Fabric: Polyurethane Coated Nylon (TSO C13d)
Webbing: 3/4" Nylon per MIL-T-5038
Pack Size: 8"x6"x4" (pack sizes vary)

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