Robinson Helipads

Introducing the Robinson Helipad. Designed for light helicopters, this helipad is an affordable alternative to conventional rooftop helipads. Its simple, lightweight design is inexpensive and easy to install.

The Robinson Helipad is made of light, sturdy aluminum extrusions and is specifically designed for use on commercial and industrial building rooftops. Weighing about 1,600 lb., the deck mounts to a recommended 3-beam understructure, which distributes the weight of the helipad and helicopter to the building support structure.

Designed specifically for the Robinson R44 and other helicopters with a gross weight up to 3,000 lb., the weather-resistant deck meets FAA recommended helipad size and International Building Code strength requirements.

The helipad is non-combustible and meets major building and fire code requirements to manage fuel spills. When assembled with caulk, the deck becomes watertight. Any fuel spillage is confined to the deck by angles at the perimeter of the pad, and directed to a corner drain. Piping can then be installed to drain spills away from the helipad.


The Robinson Helipad consists of 24 20-foot-long extrusions joined together in a tongue and groove format. The helipad kit includes all fastening hardware required to assemble the helipad and mount it to a 3-beam understructure. Two people using hand tools can assemble the helipad in about two days.

Why Consider a Rooftop Helipad?

Rooftops are ideal locations for helipads. While avoiding using valuable ground- level real estate, they are away from pedestrians, above ground obstructions and hazards, and easy to secure from vandalism. Additionally, due to its height, a rooftop location offers safer approach and departure paths by increasing clearance to ground obstructions such as trees, telephone poles, lampposts, and fences.

A rooftop helipad also reduces noise impacts at ground level. The helicopter's highest noise impact is when it is in a hover. On a rooftop helipad, hovering is done away from people on the ground, lessening the impact.

The Robinson Helipad deck is versatile and made to adapt to various roof designs. While a steel 3-beam understructure is recommended (and not included as a part of the helipad kit), alternative materials can be used depending on the structural design of the building and local building officials. Additionally, the deck's attachment clamps can be positioned anywhere along the length of the extrusions, providing flexibility in the placement of understructure beams on the roof.


Cost $6,000 (US) plus shipping
Maximum Helicopter Gross Weight 3,000 lb
Helipad Weight (Assembled) about 1,600 lb
Deck Extrusion Dimensions 3 inches x 10 inches x 20 feet
Number of Extrusions in Deck 24 in a 20-foot-wide deck
Final Deck Size 20 feet x 20 feet nominal