R44 Newscopter

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The ROBINSON R44 RAVEN II NEWSCOPTER is a fully integrated Electronic News Gathering (ENG) helicopter capable of transmitting, receiving, and recording live audio and video in breathtaking High Definition (HD). Built to meet the demands of the global TV news industry, the Newscopter’s ENG equipment is designed, tested, and FAA-approved to optimize work flow and provide an airborne, broadcast-quality studio.

Front and center is an aerodynamic nose-mounted, gyro-stabilized Ikegami HD digital camera system that captures the news in striking detail and vivid color. Additional standard ENG gear includes in-cabin talent and tail-mounted micro cameras, video switcher, Geneva audio system, four color video monitors, and a complete microwave transmission package.

Well equipped, yet affordable, the R44 Raven II Newscopter does the job for half the cost of larger turbine ENG helicopters. The Newscopter’s economical purchase price and low operating costs provide small TV stations access to state-of-the-art news gathering technology, and enable broadcasters in large media markets to field multiple ENG helicopters for more extensive coverage.

* Basic configuration price.


In today’s 24/7 news industry, being first on-scene and broadcasting live reports are how TV stations achieve larger audiences, better ratings, and higher ad revenues. The R44 Raven II Newscopter is designed for just this mission.

Lycoming’s IO-540 engine delivers a cruise speed of up to 130 mph to get the R44 Newscopter on scene fast. A fully-fueled Newscopter provides up to three hours of flight endurance for continuous live news coverage. During extended stays over a breaking story, the Newscopter’s hydraulic controls reduce pilot workload and supply precision handling. Aero dynamic rotor-blade tip caps lower flyover noise for a less intrusive neighborhood presence.

While the Newscopter’s performance is impressive, the helicopter’s reliability and safety record is equally remarkable. The R44 Raven II Series operates for 100 hours between inspections, and up to 2,200 hours or 12 years between overhauls. All R44s are backed by the Robinson Helicopter Company two-year/ 1000-hour limited aircraft warranty. Reliability also results in safety. NTSB statistics confirm the R44 helicopter has fewer accidents due to aircraft or engine failure than other light helicopters.