R44 Clipper II

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Depending on the model, the Clipper can be ordered with either fixed utility or emergency pop-out floats.

Clipper's fixed utility floats add approximately 50 pounds to the R44's empty weight, and cruise speed is reduced by only 10 knots. The pop-out floats add about 65 pounds to the empty weight with almost no reduction in the Raven's cruise speed.

A low center-of-gravity enhances the Clipper's stability on rough seas, and its advanced single-bag float design allows safer water surface lift-off. Unlike some emergency floats, the Clipper's pop-out floats have the same buoyancy as the fixed utility floats. R44 Clippers are built to last with specialized corrosion proofing throughout. Standard equipment includes custom ground handling wheels and a pressure gage to check float pressure.

The Clipper II is an R44 Raven II offered with fixed utility floats for extended flights over water, landings on remote lakes, and extra security when flying over busy harbors. The Robinson R44 Raven I helicopter offers precision-engineered power, high reliability, fuel economy, endurance, and remarkable altitude performance, payload and speed.
Thanks to its distinctive aerodynamic design, the Robinson R44 Raven I is capable of a high cruise speed of up to 124mph and a maximum range of 397 miles.

R44 Clipper II, with pop-out floats stowed, on a residential rooftop helipad.

* Basic configuration price.