R44 Clipper I

Description helicopter

The Clipper I is an R44 Raven I offered with fixed utility floats for extended flights over water, landings on remote lakes, and extra security when flying over busy harbors. Fixed utility floats add approximately 50 pounds to the R44's empty weight, and cruise speed is reduced by only 10 knots.

A low center-of-gravity enhances the Clipper's stability on rough seas, and its advanced single-bag float design allows safer water surface lift-off. R44 Clippers are built to last with specialized corrosion proofing throughout. Standard equipment includes custom ground handling wheels and a pressure gage to check float pressure.

Robinson's engineering emphasis on quality, reliability, and performance has made the R44 Raven the world's top-selling helicopter. It has fewer accidents due to aircraft or engine failure than other light helicopters, and best of all, the Raven has the lowest cost per seat-mile of any helicopter anywhere.

* Basic configuration price.