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Heliport is one of the few companies in Ukraine, which provides a range of services on the small aircraft market.
The company started in 2008. Service engineers, pilots, merchants, skilled managers were united in a team of enthusiasts, who directed their efforts to the development of small aircraft in Ukraine.

Our experts will help you to find and buy a helicopter with optimal parameters that ensure its continued effective use.

Cooperating with Heliport You can get helicopter Robinson, certified in Ukraine at the price of the manufacturer.

We offer the innovative technologies used around the world for the storage and maintenance of helicopters - autonomous fabricated hangars. The exclusive distributor in Ukraine of Sprung Instant Structures ltd, company Heliport will help you to set in operation at breakneck speed hangar of any complexity and will ensure its continued maintenance support.

Our service engineers are trained directly on the plant manufacturer and perform maintenance of helicopters, both in terms of the service centre, and at the customer's premises. Company Heliport certified Robinson Helicopter Company (USA) on the right to conduct a comprehensive maintenance Helicopter Robinson R22 and R44 in Ukraine.

Helicopter is a luxurious and available mode of transport.

World-known helicopters of Robinson Helicopter Company find a ready aircraft market . The new model Robinson R66 with a gas turbine engine and five-place salon has excellent performance and all advantages of previous models. Helicopters Robinson are recognized as the safest in the world.

Our mission is to develop the small aircraft in Ukraine.

Our immediate goal is through our own efforts and through cooperation to develop infrastructure for small aviation in Ukraine.